Better Posture in 30 Days

And It’s FREE!

We are Dr. Matt Biegler & Dr. Mitch Walker and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Our unique products make it easier than ever before to address your physical issues without the expensive copays and time consuming commute to the outpatient clinic.

Each Bodyfix Blueprint is a self-paced written and video supported program. This free introductory  program gives you a shortened example of our other Blueprint plans:


Treat your issues on your schedule.

No expensive co-pays

No time lost driving to and from the PT clinic

No scheduling hassles

Exercise in the comfort of your home.

When you want

At your own pace


Watch this introductory Posture Video as Dr. Mitch and Dr. Matt discuss how Your Posture Can Really Matter.

Better Posture in 30 Days And It’s FREE!

Includes 9 videos designed to improve your posture and combat bad habits
Includes 8 exercises to get you and keep you pain free

This Bodyfix Blueprint plan  clearly maps your road to better posture.
You will receive instructions about the number of sets, repetitions and frequency for each exercise.
Therapy based video tutorials show the proper movements for each exercise.
 The daily time commitment is approximately 45 minutes spread throughout your day.

They actually have an exercise plan laid out and I can honestly say my pain has lessened and I feel stronger. Mitch is the best PT (I’ve met quite a few over the span of 7yrs).

Port Orange, FL