We offer three Blueprint packages based on your needs and budget.



From video exercises to highly customized face time with our licensed physical therapists, we have the Blueprint to fit your needs.

Premium Blueprint $250

Easy to complete pre-consultation questionnaire

1 on 1 video consultation with licensed physical therapist

Individualized plan of care designed after consultation

Individualized guide through specific exercise program with video examples

Email accessibility with Dr. Matt & Dr. Mitch for any questions or concerns

Mitch was great. I did a video phone conference and the therapist was patient and covered all areas that helped me understand what I need to do for a pinched nerve in my neck. He even looked at the pillows and showed me how to put them and how many to get relief when I sleep. Thank you!

Daytona, FL

    60 Day    Blueprint  $60

Comprehensive 60 day plan of care based on your specific diagnosis

Education about manual/massage techniques and modalities to reduce symptoms

Precise guide through specific exercise program with video examples

Thorough education on your medical condition

Specific strategies to avoid noxious stimulus and get out of pain

Mitch and Matt taught me how to use my muscles again and I am incredibly impressed! I am almost completely pain free and the strongest I have been in a decade. More importantly, I can pick up my kids again! Thank you so much! Y’all are amazing!

Port Orange, FL

Better Posture in 30 Days And It's FREE!

Includes 9 videos designed to improve your posture and combat bad habits
Includes 8 exercises to get you and keep you pain free

This Bodyfix Blueprint plan  clearly maps your road to better posture.
You will receive instructions about the number of sets, repetitions and frequency for each exercise.
Therapy based video tutorials show the proper movements for each exercise.
 The daily time commitment is approximately 45 minutes spread throughout your day.

They actually have an exercise plan laid out and I can honestly say my pain has lessened and I feel stronger. Mitch is the best PT (I’ve met quite a few over the span of 7yrs).

Port Orange, FL