60 Day Blueprint for Medial and Lateral Knee Joint Pain

Treat your pain, on your schedule.

No expensive co-pays

No time lost driving to and from the PT clinic

No scheduling hassles

Exercise in the comfort of your home.

When you want

At your own pace


This Bodyfix Blueprint is a 60 day plan that clearly maps your road to recovery from pain.
The plan has three phases with two self evaluated progress assessments.
You will receive clear instructions about the number of sets, repetitions and frequency for each exercise.
Therapy based video tutorials show the proper movements for each exercise.
Daily time commitment is approximately 45 minutes spread throughout the day.



Includes 30 videos designed to end the pain and discomfort of medial and lateral knee joint pain blueprint
Includes 30 exercises to get you and keep you pain free


Phase 1 (Day 1-20)

Knee bracing
Icing techniques
11 Exercises
13 Videos
*Criteria to progress to next phase: 25 – 50% reduction in overall pain and improved function

 Phase II (Day 21-Day 40)

Continue with icing, as needed
Continue with Knee Bracing
10 Exercises
  8 Videos
*Criteria to progress 50-75% reduction in overall pain, 50-75% improvement in function

Phase III (Day 41-Day 60)

Continue Supplemental Interventions as needed – attempt to reduce
9 Exercises
9 Videos


60 Day Blueprint for Medial and Lateral Knee Joint Pain


Bodyfix Blueprints are self-paced written and video supported programs. Your complete program will be available to download immediately after your payment is accepted.


What our clients say…

I think Mitch is the best! The care and treatments are streamlined, the instructions are easy to follow and do at home. Highly recommend!

Clarrisa Daytona, FL

I could hardly walk due to my left knee pain and bursitis in my hip. After 1 month, I don’t even have to use my cane any more and I am thrilled. All thanks to Matthew!!! You are amazing Matt!

Nancy, Debary FL

Kudos to Matt! Greatest rehab experience by far!

Iva, Orange City FL

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