The 60 Day Blueprint

If you already have a diagnosis, this blueprint is for you. Our 60 day plan will give you everything you would get in physical therapy without seeing a physical therapist!


How It Works

The 60 day blueprint is everything you need to address your pain and fix your body without ever stepping into a physical therapy clinic. This option provides an easy to follow multi stage plan to ensure the safe restoration of movement and pain reduction based on a specific diagnosis. The program is designed with progressions based on tissue healing time, as well as goals in function and pain reduction. Need to get back to performing a job duty or daily task? Let the 60 day blueprint get you there. 

what’s included:


Comprehensive 60 day plan of care based on your specific diagnosis


Thorough education on your medical condition


Precise guide through specific exercise program with video examples


Education on manual/massage techniques and modalities to reduce symptoms


Specific strategies to avoid noxious stimulus and get out of pain

Better Posture in 30 Days And It's FREE!

Includes 9 videos designed to improve your posture and combat bad habits
Includes 8 exercises to get you and keep you pain free

This Bodyfix Blueprint plan  clearly maps your road to better posture.
You will receive instructions about the number of sets, repetitions and frequency for each exercise.
Therapy based video tutorials show the proper movements for each exercise.
 The daily time commitment is approximately 45 minutes spread throughout your day.

11/10 rating for sure!!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Mitch has years and years of experience, and he was very helpful answering every question I had with detail!! Extremely thoughtful and inspiring. I felt like every stretch had a purpose and he stressed the importance of doing them at home.

Daytona, FL

They actually have an exercise plan laid out and I can honestly say my pain has lessened and I feel stronger. Mitch is the best PT (I’ve met quite a few over the span of 7yrs).

Port Orange, FL